Music of the Day: Bolcom – HYDRAULIS for Pipe Organ

Today’s music is “Hydraulis” (1971) by the American composer William Bolcom.
The Hydrauris is an instrument invented by Ktesibios of Alexandria in ancient Greece and is said to be the prototype of the present pipe organ. This organ work named after it.

We will find that the richness of the registration (timbre) and the contrast between the intense undulations and the serene beauty of the music. These characteristics make it one of the masterpieces to listen to among the contemporary organ works.
However, there are no recordings and this is the first precious sound source on the Net as far as we could find.

Organist: Helge Gramstrup (Recorded at the Vestervig Church in Denmark in 1979)
Recording Engeneer and Editor: Toku Ohbayashi

William Bolcom – HYDRAULIS for Pipe Organ (1971) edited by William Albright
Helge Gramstrup (org)
Vestervig Church, Early Summer of 1979 on the Marcussen organ (1978, 52/IV/P)