Music of the Day: Vietnam – Music of Ethnic Minorities

Today’s music is by ethnic minorities in Vietnam.
It is not well known that Vietnam is a country with a large number of ethnic minorities. And their music is rarely introduced to the public. These music of the ethnic groups featured in this video is a testimony to their astonishing musical instrumental skills and the strength of their vitality.

The contents are as follows:
1. E-de people: Two Horns playing
2. Hmong people: Wind Instrument playing
3. Hmong people: Song and Hmong Flute
4. Muong people: Vocal and Tuned Gongs
5. E-de people: Double Clarinet playing
6. Nung people: Song by two women
7. Hmong people: Hmong Flute playing.

Music of the Day: Mompou – Paisajes no.2 “El Lago”

Today’s piece is “El Lago (The Lake)”, the second of three piano pieces by Federico Mompou (1893-1987).
“El Lago” is inspired by Barcelona’s Montjuic Park, but this piece is not so much a picturesque depiction of nature as it is a abstracted and polished beauty that has been cut out of the composer’s inner landscape.

Leif Ove Andsnes (pf)

Music of the Day: Burkina Faso (Lobi) – Rejoicing Music

Today’s music is a rejoicing music by solo singer, chorus and ensemble of Lobi people, Burkina Faso.
The lightly bouncing rhythms and the ensemble’s sense of color are wonderful, we think.
The uninterrupted improvisation by the balafon (xylophone with resonator) player is particularly impressive. The singer’s long vibrato is also interesting.

Music of the Day: Rued Langgaard – String Quartet No.1

Today’s music is String Quartet No.1 by Rued Langgaard (1893-1952) who is Danish composer.

Many people might think that Langgaard’s chamber music is better in his early works. This “String Quartet No.1” is one from when he was 21-22 years old, so it is still not avant-garde. This music is in a fresh style, and it is easy to listen to because it sounds gentle to anyone’s ears.

There are many wonderful points in this performance, for me, the harmonies of the parts played with non-vibrato (such as major chord before the small pause) are unusually beautiful. It was a bit of a surprise as I had never heard this kind of performance/recording before. One reason may be that the recording is extremely good.

Denmark may be a small country, but it has been producing extremely unique artists, especially in art and music, since the 19th century.

Rued Langgaard – String Quartet No.1, BVN68 (1914-1915/1936)
Nightingale String Quartet


Music of the Day: Dogon – Bullroarer and Barking Dogs

Today’s music is “Bullroarer” sounds from Dogon people, Mali.
“Bullroarer” is made of a piece of wood attached a long thong. Swinging this around in the air, it sounds an eerie roar. It is often used by indigenous people in Africa and Australia, and is more of communication or ritualistic tool than musical instrument.


Well, this recording captures dogs barking furiously in response to “Bullroarer” sounds. This is somehow a smiley soundscape.