Music of the Day: Beck – Symphony in g minor op.3-3

Today’s music is Symphony in g minor, op. 3-3, by Franz Ignaz Beck (1734 – 1809).
Beck was a disciple of Johann Stamitz. He was considered to be a talented person of the next generation of the Mannheim School, but after injuring his opponent in a duel, he left Germany and went to Italy and France. He lived a tumultuous life, including being involved in the French Revolution.

In comparison to the mild‐mannered Mannheim School’s works, dominance of strong emotions looking like a “Sturm und Drang” in his works seems to reflect the very trajectory of his life.

Franz Ignaz Beck (1734 – 1809) – Symphony in g minor op.3 no.3
Michael Schneider & La Stagione Frankfurt