Music of the Day: Gabon – Bwiti Rite (Excerpt)

Today’s music is from a ritual scene called “Bwiti” performed by hunter-gatherers (such as Mitsogo people) in the Gabon forest area.The plucked string instrument is called “Ngombi” “Wambi” etc., bow-shaped Harp-lute.

This performance has a tremendous burst of power. And even with our ears, which are familiar with Western music, it will be accepted without any sense of discomfort.

We are not sure what a ritual in this video is specifically about, but apparently “Bwiti” has an adult rite of passage to become a member of a ritual society, a funeral rite to mourn the deceased, and a therapeutic rite to treat the sick or solve a problem. Moreover, “Bwiti” is not limited to the secret rituals in the forest area, but also shares its value as a cultural resource of Gabonese society, appearing in ceremonies in major cities.