Xian Jian-Li (冼劍麗) – Ma shang pi pa (馬上琵琶)


冼劍麗 (Xian Jian-Li) – 馬上琵琶 (Ma shang pi pa)
(Rec.) 1950?

*冼劍麗 (Xian Jian-Li, Hongkongese Singer, 1930 – 2019)

She was popular in the 1950s and 1960s, and she recorded over 120 records. Her musical accomplishment is unique.
In addition to singing 粵曲 (Cantonese Opera) and Cantonese Pop Songs, she is involved in 京劇 (Peking Opera), 錫劇 (Wuxi opera), 黃梅調 (Huangmei Opera) and Western Music. The masterpiece “一縷柔情 (A Wisp of Tender Love)” is even more popular overseas.

She also collaborated with 胡楓 (Bowie Wu) and 羅艷卿 (Law Yim-Hing) in the movie “大家姐 (Our Big Sister)” in 1964. She has also participated in the film works of 1964, “龍翔鳳舞慶新春 (A Celebration of Spring)”, “黛玉葬花 (Substituted Bride)” and so on.