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Classical Ensemble Music “Mazmoum” “Hsine”

(Bantu) – Kimbundu Music on a Xylophone
(Handa) – Musical Bow and Song
André Mingas – Mulher Do Meu Povo
André Mingas – Pouco Falta
Tanga – Canção Do Homem Novo
Friction Drum and Chorus

(Yoruba) – Party Song and Ensemble
Music of Dahomey

(Bushmen) – Thumb Piano Music

Burkina Faso
(Lobi) – Rejoicing Music
(Senufo) – Xylophone Ensemble
Dance Song with Xylophone Ensemble
Funeral Music (Balafon Ensemble) 
Voice, Clarinet and Ensemble

Akazéhé by 2 young Girls
Party Song and Ensemble
Song and Ensemble
Song and Flute, Ikembe and Percussion
Song and Ikembe
Song and Thumb Piano
Story Song at Mwami Court
Traditional Women’s Songs
Troubadour Song
Whispered Song and Zither
Whispered Song and Zither
Woman Solo Song

(Bafut) – Xylophone and Ensemble
(Bamileke) – Flute Ensemble Music
(Bamum) – Epic Song
(Bamum) – Ndangie Dance Music 
(Bamun) – Song and Harp-Zither Ensemble
(Bamum) – Song and Mvet
Opera du Cameroun
Flute, Voice and Percussion
Song with Flute and Percussion
Xylophone and Ensemble

Central Africa
(Aka Pygmies) – Chorus and Percussion
(Aka Pygmies) – 2 Songs by 2 Girls
(Ba-Benzélé Pygmies) – Hunting Music
(Ba-Benzélé Pygmies) – Song and whistle
(Babinga Pygmies) – Whistles and Voice
(Banda) – Dance and Song
(Banda) – Shaman Music (Ensemble)
(Banda-Ngao) – Initiation Dance Song
(Bayaka Pygmies) – Bayaka Pygmies Music
(Bofi) – 2 Children’s Song
(Dakpa, Banda) – Initiation Percussion Music
(Goundi) – Chorus with Ensemble
(Mbaka) – Lamentation with Ngombi Harp
(Mandja) – Fetishistic Song with Ensemble
(Mandja) - Horn Ensemble Initiation Music
(Mpiemo) – Mourning Song with Thumb Piano
(Ngbaka) – Lament: Song of Tears
(Ngbaka) – Song of Malediction
(Ngbaka) – Satirical Song with Ngombi
(Sabanga) – Mourning Song with Harp
Religious Song with Xylophone Ensemble
Song and Thumb Piano
Song and Thumb Piano

Song with Coucouma
Xylophone Ensemble and 3 Songs

Comoro Islands
Song “Kulukulu Mwanabe”

(Alur) - Song and Thumb Piano
(Azande) – Mongonika Dance Song by Xylophone and Percussion
(Ba-Lari) – Song and Thumb Piano
(Bantu) – Song of Grief with Ensemble
(Kabinda) – Kolombo Dance Song
(Kanyok) – Dance Song with Ensemble
(Kanyok) – Music for Processional
(Kanyok) – Song and Ensemble
(Kanyok) – Xylophones and Drums
(Kasai) – Music with Chorus and Percussion Ensemble
(Kasai) – Tuhuri Dance Song 
(Luba) – Flute and Thumb Piano
(Luba, Bobwa) – Thumb Piano Duo and Song
(Luluwa) – Song, Thumb Piano and Drum Ensemble
(Lunda) – Dance Song with Ensemble
(Lunda) – Dance Tune for Ensemble
(Lunda) – Dance Music by Pan-Pipes Ensemble
(Lunda) – Song with Ensemble
(Mongo) – Choral Song by Ekonda Women
(Mongo) - Ekonda Women Dance Song
(Mbuti) – Song and Thumb Piano
(Mbuti) – Thumb Piano Duo
(Nande) – Thumb Piano (Likembe) Tunes
(Yaka) – Enthronization Song
(Yaka) – Song with Ensemble
(Yaka) – Thumb Piano Ensemble Music
(Yaka) – Xylophone Ensemble
Music of Kanyok and Luba People (Excerpt) 
Song and Thumb Piano

Cote d’Ivoire
(Baule) – Chorus and Harp
(Baule) – Kpanda Dance Song
(Dan) – Ensemble Mask
(Dan) – Song for the Chief 
(Guere) – Song with Harp-Lute

(Dorze) – Polyphony Chorus
(Dorze) – Polyphony of Dorze People
(Gerre) – Religious Singing 
(Guji) - Song of Guji Men
(Sidamo) – Polyphony Chorus
(Wollo) – Song and Fiddle (Masenqo)
Gigi – Gela
Love Song and Bowl Lyre
Music of Xylophone
Oromo Song 

Papé Nziengui – Bwiti Rite (Excerpt)
(Bateke) – Song and Thumb Piano
(Bateke) – Song and 2 Thumb Pianos
(Bateke) – Song and 2 Thumb Pianos
(Fang) – Lament with 8-stringed Harp
(Fang) – Xylophone, Chorus and Ensemble
(Mitsogho) – Lamentations
(Pygmy) – Song with 8-Stringed Harp
(Pygmy) – Women Dance Song 
Shaman and Women Chorus with Harp
2 Songs with Thumb Piano

Song with Lute (Kono) 

(Malinke) – Chorus with Ensemble
(Malinke) – Song for the Hunters Dance

(Kipsig) – Song with Six Strings Bowl Lyre
(Kisii) – Song with a Large Bowl Lyre
(Luo) – Praise Song with Bowl Lyre 
(Swahili Nguja) – Dance Song
Song and Bowl Lyre

Playing Lesiba (Mouth-Resonated Bow)
Riding Song

(Kpelle) – Entertainment Song with Thumb Piano
(Kpelle) – Framed Zither Solo

Valiha Ensemble
Song with Valiha
Trio Ny Antsaly
Trio Ny Antsaly 2

(Tonga) – Humorous Song with Fiddle
(Tonga) – Malipenga Dance
(Tonga) – Song and Raft Zither
Girls Dance Song with Drums
Likhuba Dance Song with 9 Tuned Drums
Pounding Song
3 Songs and Thumb Piano
2 Songs with Thumb Piano (Kalimba)
2 Songs with Thumb Piano
2 Songs with Zither
Xylophone and Percussion

(Dogon) – Bullroarer and Barking Dogs (Soundscape)
(Dogon) – Funeral Music
(Dogon) – Traditional Song with Drums
(Malinke) – Guinean Song with Ensemble
(Songhai) – Dance Music with Fiddle (Njarka)
(Timbuktu) – Song with Fiddle
Fanta Damba sings “Fanta Damba”
Folk Tune for Kora

(Chopi) – Timbila (Xylophone) Ensemble
(Ndau) - Song and Thumb Piano
(Tonga) – Song and Thumb Piano
(Tsonga) – Topical Song and 2 Guitars
2 Songs with Thumb Piano
Song by Man and 2 Women with Thumb Piano
Song and Thumb Piano
Song and Thumb Piano

Monocord Lute
Music of Griots
Song with Monocord Lute

(Berom) – Song with Molo Harp
(Bura) – Praise Song with Lute
(Eggon) – Song and Board Zither
(Hausa) – Reed Flutes and Voice
(Tarok) – Song with Ensemble
(Yergam) – Song with Molo Orchestra
Tunde King & His Group – Aronke Macaulay

Mendicant’s Song

(Wolof) – Music on Traditional Song by 2 Halams
Monks of Keur Moussa ‎”Lumière Radieuse”

South Africa
(Swati) – Vocal Ensemble
(Xhosa) – Song by Boys and Girls with Musical Bow
(Xhosa) – Song with Musical Bow
(Xhosa) – Women’s Song

Women’s Funeral Song 

(Gogo) – Song with Thumb Piano
(Gogo) – Song and Thumb Piano
(Haya Women) – Dance Song “Abamalaya”
(Maasai) – Cattle Song
(Maasai) – Dance Song and Love Song
(Nyakyusa) – Song and Thumb Piano
(Nyakyusa) – 2 Songs and Thumb Piano
(Zaramo) – Dance Music

Chorus with Ensemble
Flute and Oud

(Dhola) – Dance Music by Xylophones
(Ganda) – Drum Ensemble
(Ganda) – Song and 2 Lyres
(Ganda) – Song and Ensemble 
(Kuruseni, Soga) – Topical Song with Ensemble
(Nyoro) – Horn Ensemble
(Nyoro) – Igulya Dance Song “Ayahangire”
(Nyoro) – Igulya Dance Song “Mukunge”
(Nyoro) – Topical Song and Thumb Piano
(Soga) – Mourning Song and Ensemble
(Soga) – Song and Ensemble
(Soga) – Song with Thumb Piano and Rattle
(Teso) – Song and Lute
Dance Song and Ensemble
Song with Enanga (Board Zither)
Song and Ensemble
Song and Flutes and Drums Ensemble
Song and Lute
Song and Thumb Piano
Xylophone Ensemble

(Bemba) – Song and Thumb Piano
(Lovale) – Drinking Song
(Lala) – Song with Thumb Piano
(Lala) – Song with Thumb Piano
(Lozi) – Song with Thumb Piano by Two Men
(Lozi) – Song and Xylophone
(Nsenga) – Vocal and Thumb Piano
(Tonga) – Chiyenda Party Dance Music with Percussion
Grinding Song
Nyakasanga Dance Song
Siyemboka Dance with Drums, Xylophone
Song and Thumb Piano
Song and Thumb Piano

(Shona) – Song for Dance with Thumb Piano (Njari)
(Tonga) – Dance Song with Ensemble
Duet Song and Thumb Piano
Ensemble Rite Music
Flute Dance Music
Music of Friction Bow 
Party Song and Thumb Piano and Drum
Song and Thumb Piano
Song with Thumb Piano
Thumb Piano Solo
Thumb Piano Solo and Song
Traditional Song “Mother of Aruna”